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Steam total games now up to 389

Most have Linux counterparts!
Playing XCom 2 War of the Chosen mostly and Tomb Raider (first reboot then follow up)


Love ? is it even worth it?

No not a cry for help just becoming further disenfranchised with the whole complex.

I’m not going to post that i am going to update more often because that always bodes lll
  •  health concerns continue  to plague me. Will attempt to post more often as part of a more routine schedule but not promising anything.
Replacing the dragon! (Maybe)

Found and am building FreeSpeech. It has the benefit in working in both Linux AND Windows …

So far having issues getting it to work properly on Gentoo but trying on my main machine (BlackArch) now..

Neglect — Unintentional

I have not updated in a while because of life.. Currently trying to get Dragon NS 13.2 working under Linux using Platypus. Not having much luck which appears to be par for the course. Have tried using Arch(Black) and will be trying to use Gentoo next. Still hopeful .. trying to stay hopeful.


— update :
No longer so hopeful 🙁 DS runs in wine (at 100% util) but i have yet to get platypus to compile properly.. I am starting to think i may need a Windows box after all .. Or figure out a different way to dictate .. Linux does not fair well in this category .. back to XCom 2 for the time being (LOVE that game)

Enter the Dragon

My writing has slowed considerably as my tremors get worse. Have started relying on Dragon Naturally Speaking .. more like wrestling, as I have not yet learned its intricacies. It is also a windows only program so I can only use it when I am using my “work” laptop.

More and more Linux games!

My SteamOS + Linux games are now (218)

Messing with WP plugins – currently testing/using Clef

Overall happy with it aside from the needing to have my phone nearby.. sometimes you just want to get away 🙂

working out the kinks of the theme i chose. Have to find a color balance i like as well as straightening out the categories.

hopefully more soon.

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My Linux(SteamOS) is up to 154 games now

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Relocated the site – figured I would start it over

hopefully keeping on theme…. whatever that may be

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