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Currently trying to get back into writing my story for my Dr.

Currently reading Quantum Man: Richard Feynman’s Life in Science. Very enjoyable but the pace that i have to read at it due to my cognitive issues is horrendous.

MS News – I have cut my medicine down again!

I have a dietary regimen that borders on insane at least in today’s society. Exercise is on the upswing and weight is slowly dropping. I am muddling through the winter months and so far thankful that the temps haven’t dropped excessively.

Replacing the dragon! (Maybe)

Found and am building FreeSpeech. It has the benefit in working in both Linux AND Windows …

So far having issues getting it to work properly on Gentoo but trying on my main machine (BlackArch) now..

Neglect — Unintentional

I have not updated in a while because of life.. Currently trying to get Dragon NS 13.2 working under Linux using Platypus. Not having much luck which appears to be par for the course. Have tried using Arch(Black) and will be trying to use Gentoo next. Still hopeful .. trying to stay hopeful.


— update :
No longer so hopeful 🙁 DS runs in wine (at 100% util) but i have yet to get platypus to compile properly.. I am starting to think i may need a Windows box after all .. Or figure out a different way to dictate .. Linux does not fair well in this category .. back to XCom 2 for the time being (LOVE that game)

Enter the Dragon

My writing has slowed considerably as my tremors get worse. Have started relying on Dragon Naturally Speaking .. more like wrestling, as I have not yet learned its intricacies. It is also a windows only program so I can only use it when I am using my “work” laptop.