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Your privacy shouldn’t cost you..

but not having it WILL.

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that moment when…

you realize that the one that you thought you let get away is actually the bullet you dodged… Priceless!

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too much information..

I spent most of the day talking with my brother and my pseudo brother about things that should be public knowledge only to realize that we are flooded Nae inundated with superfluous information. Public Trust is a misnomer. we live in an age where we have access to so much knowledge but from so many untrusted sources. The internet has given everyone an anonymous point of view and a willingness to espouse every unchecked fact, every Sensational piece of fiction, all presented as news. It is a wonder that we as a species know anything anymore. Seems like so much potential wasted

a new year same attitude

Life will be what it will be. there’s no point in trying to change anyone else, focus on changing the things you have control over. Self improvement day one of 365.

How do I? 

Not let myself become jaded again. I decided to put myself out there after years of guarding my feelings close to the vest and almost immediately get my heart trampled on. Second-guessing my choice in lifemates. Currently that’s the only thing keeping me going maybe I’m just bad at it bad at choosing the right people to trust. Of course that leads to a whole nother query how do I get better at it? Why didn’t I figure out this way earlier in my life?

Took my free upgrade and got the Samsung Galaxy Note 8

LOVING the screen !! not so big on the battery life but since the first day was mostly restoring and downloading hoping it will improve.

The loneliest path

I walk the earth doing the right thing, the less common thing. Always erring on the side of right. Never choosing the easiest path. Unfortunately all too often the target of those that would take advantage. The struggle is in still being the better man regardless of the benefit to self, especially this time of year when everyone is pretending at being good honest folk. I cannot let one bad example of the human race taint my picture of all that we can be. Of all that we SHOULD be.

Heartbroken and just in time for Christmas..

I finally opened up and gave a woman everything she said she wanted only for her to decide she wanted someone else. At least I was finally able to realize that she was none of the things she pretended to be. Seeing her for what she was should allow me to forget her and move on.. should being the operative word.

MS News – I have cut my medicine down again!

I have a dietary regimen that borders on insane at least in today’s society. Exercise is on the upswing and weight is slowly dropping. I am muddling through the winter months and so far thankful that the temps haven’t dropped excessively.

Love ? is it even worth it?

No not a cry for help just becoming further disenfranchised with the whole complex.

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