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Quarantine Time Waster

what better way than to spend your extra time gaming and get immersed in another world while this one goes crazy?

Pokemon GO

Let’s be friends in Pokémon GO! My Trainer Code is 9196 4596 6118!

Pokemon GO..

Let’s be friends in Pokémon GO! My Trainer Code is 9196 4596 6118!

DDG v. Google
Well, life is never boring

I suppose if it is you are probably doing it wrong..

Happiness is fleeting, it’s one of reasons it is beautiful and should be cherished.

Occasionally I shit roses

Sometimes through all the bad decisions, all the bad life choices and a veritable comedy of errors. Somehow, someway through blind dumb luck you end up in the right place

West Coast Spirit infusion

Sometimes the most inconsequential conversations can alleviate the deepest concerns

Linked my webpage to..

Twitter Facebook Tumblr and Google+

Testing out first post to all 4 services

now my random musings go everywhere

I’m not going to post that i am going to update more often because that always bodes lll
  •  health concerns continue  to plague me. Will attempt to post more often as part of a more routine schedule but not promising anything.
Neglect — Unintentional

I have not updated in a while because of life.. Currently trying to get Dragon NS 13.2 working under Linux using Platypus. Not having much luck which appears to be par for the course. Have tried using Arch(Black) and will be trying to use Gentoo next. Still hopeful .. trying to stay hopeful.


— update :
No longer so hopeful 🙁 DS runs in wine (at 100% util) but i have yet to get platypus to compile properly.. I am starting to think i may need a Windows box after all .. Or figure out a different way to dictate .. Linux does not fair well in this category .. back to XCom 2 for the time being (LOVE that game)

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